Dressage & Show Jumping

...with Giovanni Ugolotti on Sunday 11 March

Looking to perfect your dressage and show jumping ahead of the event season? Well look no further, as International Italian event rider Giovanni Ugolotti will be holding a day's training session on Sunday 11th March.

The morning will involve dressage with caveletti and pole work to enhance rhythm, balance and give you confidence without worry, leading you and your horse to feel and move more freely. The afternoon will then be spent concentrating on perfecting your show jumping and finding that perfect stride to make sure you get those clear rounds. Giovanni is a fantastic teacher and welcomes all levels to this clinic.

40 per session and 75 for both sessions, all facilities are included within the price an those who are coming for the day, there will be refreshments at lunch. The format of the day is groups of 3/4 in each session to gain maximum attention to all.

For any enquiries please get in touch with Violet Stopford, cranfordstud@gmail.com

Limited places on this clinic, so please do book well in advance.

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