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Just wanted to say thank you so much. Whoever I spoke to on the phone this morning was so patient and charming with my various random requests for grass arenas/ skinnies etc. Everything was perfect - your standards are an inspiration. Thank you so much - Fiona

Dear All, I just wanted to say a huge thank you - we made a trip to your fabulous facility last Thursday and were bowled over by the quality of the venue. We will be back again very soon! Ali Kold - August 2016

'Btw just wanted to let you know that although we are 2 1/2 hours away I wanted to come to you because it is fantastic. You look after the ground and the jumps. I came with my 3* Nations Cup horse to jump her over the brush corners before Blenheim ERM and it worked a treat. Also had a 5yo doing her first xc so thank you for having this range of educational jumps' Franky Reid-Warrilow - August 2016

‘Lyneham is the best place anybody could wish to be based. There is everything you want and need as an Event rider and it is all so well designed for horses, by horse people. Having XC on site is so spoiling but to have Lyneham XC on site is a dream. There is something for every horse in the yard - little simple fences for the babies, with ditches of every size, technical arrow heads and corners to keep the older horses eye in and fantastic galloping hedges which I’ve never found anywhere else. Lyneham also has 3 water complexes with every in and out you could think of to really prepare you and your horses for whatever they might come across at an Event. And the most fantastic thing about Lyneham is you know when you turn up the going will be the best you could hope for.’
Izzy Taylor - 4* Event Rider

‘Just wanted to say a huge thank you for providing a cross country schooling facility that has so much variety, and always immaculately kept. It has been great to bring on my youngsters and set the advanced team up for their competitions.’
Team Levett

‘I use the cross country facilities at Lyneham Heath farm on a regular basis through out the year, with all levels of horse and rider. These facilities are exceptional. In my opinion it is possibly the best schooling ground in the country. The care and attention taken with the build, presentation and ground conditions make it a pleasure to use. I strongly recommend you try it out for yourself.’
Jonty Evans - Event Rider and Trainer

‘Lyneham Heath Farm has been invaluable in training the Japanese Team. Both the riders based with me made use of the superb facilities several times before competing in the Team Competition at Blenheim where they secured their Olympic Team place. With such a wonderful selection of fences and excellent footing you are assured of a very worthwhile outing and the course of Show Jumps is a fantastic added bonus!’
Angela Tucker

‘Lyneham Heath probably boasts the best cross country schooling facilities in the country. There is an incredible selection of fences catering for all standards. They are beautifully built, with enormous attention to detail. The fences have all been well thought out so as a trainer you can gradually build up horses and riders confidence. A huge amount of effort goes into the maintenance of the ground, ensuring the best possible going all year round. Lyneham would always be my first choice to school cross country and has the added bonus of a full outdoor set of wooden show jumps and full size grass dressage arena.’
Mandy Lucey - BE Accredited Trainer

‘Lyneham is a fabulous place to educate all our eventers from intro upwards. Its immaculate facilities provide you with a great range of fences to school horses through any problems. In particular the ground is always looked after to perfection, so we trust to bring even our most precious ponies! Certainly one of the leading training facilities in the country right now.’
Lucy Jackson - 4* Event Rider

‘The ultimate training venue. Every sort of cross country fence, beautifully designed to be educational for both horse and rider. A full set of show jumps in a regularly altered course. Immaculately prepared and maintained ground. Why would we go anywhere else?’
Alex Phillips

‘These are the most amazing training facilities for miles around - I am lucky enough to have them close by and have educated many a horse and rider around the beautifully built cross country course - which seems to be being improved and added to on each of my visits! The range of fences is fantastic, and along with the 3 water complexes gives more than enough choice. The preparation of the ground is exemplary along with the beautifully built fences. There is a full course of wooden show jumps and 20 m X 60m dressage arena with fl ower pots and white boards up most of the year , which has helped me sell many of my event horses when people want a good trial in all 3 phases - hats off to Sam!’
Sophie Martindale - BE Accredited Trainer and Event Horse Agent

‘I have been coming to Lyneham for years I have watched it develop into a top competition facility. It is ideal for all grades of horses, and different riding abilities. Throughout the season and for pre season preparation I make full use of the course with my Intro to Advanced horses. As well as teaching clients at the fantastic venue wether it be Show jumping or Cross Country. With plenty of variety and many different complexes including 3 fantastic waters. Much effort is made to ensure the ground remains as good as any where often better than some BE eventing tracks. Prepared take off and landings and good ground cover. I highly recommend the venue.’
Ginny Howe - 4* Event Rider and Trainer

‘I have used Lyneham xc ever since it opened and cannot recommend it highly enough. It offers a huge variety of extremely well built fences with 3 fantastic water complexes and 2 great bank complexes. I believe it is the best place to school horses in this area. You can always guarantee immaculately kept ground, take offs and landings at all the fences. Also being able to jump a course of show jumps on grass is a real bonus. It is the best, give it a go!’
Julie Tew - 4* Event Rider

‘Without doubt, the xc training facilities at Lyneham are indeed constructed to the very highest standards. But for me, it is the seemingly endless variations in height, options and proffessionalism of these attractive, quality fences. It opens a world of opportunity to both riders and horses to see into the great crystal ball of “potential”. As someone who buys, trains and ultimately sells the well prepared future competition horse /pony for famillies to enjoy, I find it is the perfect venue to confirm the suitability of my stock and if only for that reason alone, I cannot recommend Lyneham Heath too highly.’
Jane Beswick - Pebbly Horses and Ponies

‘Regular visits to Lyneham Heath Farm XC course have become an integral part of my training programme for both horse and rider. The excellent facilities provide a great introduction to eventing for the young horse and novice rider in addition to the more experienced combinations The variety and number of professionally built jumps seem to change weekly offering an enjoyable and educational experience every time.’
Chris Hall - Rider and Trainer

‘The ever-increasing range of well-maintained xc fences - including 3 waters - plus a complete course of showjumps makes Lyneham a hugely valuable schooling venue.’
Jon Evans - Event Rider and Trainer

‘Dassett Eventing uses the outstanding facilities provided at Lyneham Heath on a regular basis, and I would say the venue has become a crucial part of our training programme. Lyenham Heath offers a unique combination of allowing us to expose and train young and older horses alike, in all three disciplines on beautifully presented grassland, which is always mown to perfection! The grass show jumps and dressage boards are ideal for our young horses, and they can follow up their education with a complete range of cross country fences. These fences and combinations allow our young horses to have the ideal cross country introduction, and equally the venue offers a good pre-three day and pre-season confidence boost for the older horses - as well as most things in between! They have also been incredibly accommodating in moving fences around for me when I was looking for a specific fence into water. The careful management of the venue means the facilities are never over crowded, and we would highly recommend Lyenham Heath.’
Kate Rocher - Dassett Eventing

‘Your jumps and the going are so fantastic and it is obvious that so much thought and care has gone in to it all, it is fabulous, thank you.’
Tor Gloag

‘Just a quick email to say that we had a wonderful time cross country schooling yesterday. We all were completely amazed by the quality and standard of the jumps, terrain and take off and landings. Your facility is truly top class.’
Helen Grace

‘First time we’ve been here - absolutely fantastic. Thank you - Beautifully presented fences - great variety - Lovely place - well maintained, beautifully built, loads of different challenges - worth the travel - Thank you.’
Lucy Horner

‘I cannot be constructive in any way because I think that this is the best XC venue I have ever been to. Lovely ground, excellent fences. A real confidence boost!’
Hannah Drury

‘I have found Lyneham Heath to be one of the best and most varied xc training courses that I use. There is a good variety in the fences and questions they ask and I can take a full range of students. For my own horses I can take Novice to Advanced horses and they all get a good schooling.’
Warren Lamperd

‘Having previously worked at Lyneham it has always had great facilities but over the years it has become outstanding with a real thought to what is required to train both horse and rider. The XC allows me to take all levels of horses and riders for training. Also having a grass SJ course to train over is invaluable. Having set up my own yard it is one of my most favourite places to train. I would highly recommend Lyneham to anyone who wants the best. A huge thank you for such a great facility.’
Clare Valender

‘Lyneham is one of the best xc schooling courses that i have worked with anywhere in the world. The extra special feature is the large, and these days unusual, extent of the variety of its fences - all well built and maintained.’
Lucinda Green