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Groundcare is top of our agenda. Every day you will see one or more of us out working on the ground, constantly monitoring it and making decisions on a daily basis depending on the weather. Our aim is to make the footing as good as possible for your horses while checking for any repairs or overnight wild creature activity!

Below we have outlined the various activities we undertake throughout the year using our specialist machinery.


Keeps the grass sward at a consistant height to ensure optimum grass growth, thickness and coverage.

Jump Maintenance

Includes the repair of jump take offs and landings, and the fi lling in of divots and holes. New fences are built regularly. All fences are routinely checked, repaired as necessary, strimmed around and creosoted where required.


Ensures a level riding surface and evens out any poaching. Only done in moderation to avoid compaction, which would stunt grass growth and reduce water penetration.

Spreading compost

Improves the organic structure of the soil


Rakes up debris thereby allowing light & air to get to young shoots to promote growth.


Relieves compaction and aerates the grass roots. Also allows water to drain away from the surface and penetrate down to the roots and drainage channels.


Evens out poaching and unlevel ground, and rakes up debris.


To feed the grass and roots

Weed killing

To promote good grass coverage

Overseeding with the charterhouse

To promote maximum sward coverage of the best type of grass for galloping on

Ditching and drainage

Ongoing each year using our specialist contractors ‘Farm Services’

Shockwave Decompactor

This machine is invaluable for de-compacting the ground to allow air and water into the layers and promote a healthy sward and a soft cushion like ride for the horses. The quality of the grass sward is of paramount importance and under constant surveillance. Our aim is to improve it year on year, which in turn gives the ground at Lyneham a soft springy surface ideal for working your horses on.

We really appreciate any feedback or advice you may have so please email us with your comments or tips.