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About Us

A family run business, Lyneham Heath Equestrian offers top class Cross County schooling, Livery and Arena Hire. Since 1999, we have been on an incredible journey turning Lyneham into an exceptional facility for professionals and amateurs to enjoy alike. We are passionate about what we do and constantly look for ways to improve, but couldn't do this without the help of our incredible team.


A total genius, keeping Lyneham in immaculate condition overseeing all the upkeep, Melissa can turn her hand to anything.


Queen of the All-weather Arena and the Shepherd's Hut, Caroline runs one of the livery yards and is pretty nifty on the tractor too!


Oversees the general day to day and takes the key decisions.


Our stalwart, who has been helping us since we bought the Farm back in 1998, works on maintenance and improvements.


Helps with building courses, marketing and website design, Alice is an essential part of the team while also running her own yard.


Our resident trainer regularly teaching all levels. His humour keeps everyone smiling while his coaching inspires us all to achieve what we never thought possible.


Helps with all sorts and is a great asset to the ground maintenance team, always ready to lend a hand no matter what the task.


Our indispensable fence designer and builder, Dug keeps Lyneham fresh and interesting and in good repair year on year with his clever confidence building combinations.